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 Aply Sorcer Ray once time more xd

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Sorcer Ray

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PostSubject: Aply Sorcer Ray once time more xd   Thu Sep 25, 2008 2:00 pm

Hello! I'm Ray, i'm from Spain (Catalonia) i am 16 years old and i like play tenis, tibia and some other sports.

Tibia information:
- My character is Sorcer Ray, with a magic level of 50 t.t
- I never had it and ill never have it xd
- Not
- I was in Conspirancy but i've left it because is a "inactive" guild.
- Hmm, around 3h~ but if u need me only msg me and ill play more time :p
- I like this guild, it seems friendly and i have few friend in, as Zunforgiven, Drakam, Kurda Schalix,... And i like to make guild hunts and maybe some war? :p

PD: My english is my single problem, but i think u can understand me. Very Happy:D

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Aply Sorcer Ray once time more xd
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