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Dead Sphinx


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Join date : 2008-10-02
Location : Mexico

PostSubject: Application   Thu Oct 02, 2008 4:15 pm

- Real life: I'm mexican, 20 years old. Currently in college studying Civil Engineering.
My hobbies are: drawing, skating, fishing, hanging out with friends etc.

Tibia information:
- Name: Dead Sphinx Voc: Royal Paladin Lvl: 52 (I know u said 55+ but hey, give me a chance Very Happy) Skills: 74/52

- No, never red skull, at least with this char.

- No, actually I was retired for a while (like 4 months) so Ive got no problem with anyone Very Happy

- Yeah Ive been in some guilds, I am in one atm, but is very inactive, I don't like it, and I think the leader wont have any problem if I quit from it. I had my own guild also, just before retiring, it was called Chaos Feratum, and one of your guildmates was in it (Dramagon Ston) as my Vice Leader.

- Now, as Im starting back to play, I play daily like 2-3 hours, thursday, fridays and saturdays I play a bit more at night.

- You should invite me because I will obey any order, because I have the experience (my account was created in 2003, I lvled up this char in like 3 months), Im very loyal if treated good and very friendly. I got some good friends with nice lvls that could help us in some situations.

Just give me a chance Very Happy
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Khon Theran
Vice Leader

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Age : 27
Location : Spain

PostSubject: Re: Application   Thu Oct 02, 2008 5:59 pm

Application moved to the private forum for votting.
Thank you.
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