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 My Apply Round 2

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PostSubject: My Apply Round 2   Sun Oct 12, 2008 3:18 am

I'm only resubmitting this application again, since I have closed in on the level requirement the joining rules have said, and getting to that level is no problem, this week for sure. Now for the application itself. There will pretty much be some parts of this application that do sound like a copy and paste job, because nothing really has changed much.

- Tell us something about your real life: name, age, hobbies, occupation, etc..
My name is Tom, and I'm an 18 year old male living on the East Coast of the United States. My hobbies I would have to say are listening to music, posting, Tibia, and video gaming in general, ofc can't forget the ladies. I'm currently in progress of my second quarter in college. I'm majoring in Computer Networking, and do have some knowledgibility about computers.

- Character name, vocation, level and relative skills
My character name is Shion Karasius, and he is an elite knight in the world of Eternia. He is currently level 51. I'm currently sitting at 82/81 with 6% to m lvl 6.

- Do you have a red skull or ever had it? if so tell us the reasons
Haha sure, I've had one before and got banned for it, but thats when I played on Empera. I've never had a red skull on Eternia, and don't intend to.

- Are you hunted by any player or a guild?
Nope, always a good thing. If you are wondering about death, seconds characters showed up while I was in the middle of my hunt, and I chose not to fight back.

- Have you ever been in a guild before? if so, name it and tell us why did you leave it
Yes, I was a former member of Acoma, for a brief period in time. It was only for 2-4 weeks before Acoma got involved with Jynkky. I have paid out, and asked for them to not post a thread. I have also been trying to do my own guild, but I feel it isn't my style anymore.

- How much time are you usually onine in Tibia?
I'm on pretty much all the time, unless I'm at school, or sleeping. My max has been like 22 hours, and my least amount was sleeping through a whole day.

- Tell us why we should invite you into Rogues
Why? I don't have a straight out reason on why you should invite me. I've been playing Tibia for 5 years, and I've encountered many interesting people in every world I have walked into, whether it'd be Calmera, Empera, Trimera, Libera, Premia, or Eternia. Becoming a member of Rouges would put me in an active guild, with some people I know, and some I don't. Those people I know pretty well are Zunforgiven, and Dramagon Ston. Getting to know people has always been my number 1 goal in Tibia, and still is. Also, I feel like I'm more closer to what the Rogues is looking for since I've had some time to have character growth, both in skills and in levels. I do tend to like having a fun time with guildmates when possible, and love enjoying talking in guild channel.

- You will have to listen and follow anytime the choices of the Leader and the Vice Leaders
Its pretty clear, that it has to be done. Its really how the guild works, and keeps itself alive. I do also believe the almighty power doesn't reset with the guild leader, because it can lead to rushed decisions about getting involved with some community actions, that majority of the members didn't want, or simply don't care about.

- You will have to keep the guild channel open ALL the time and read this forum daily if possible
Pretty clear also. I do miss the function of having a guild channel, when bored out of my mind, so keeping it open isn't an option...its already done. Reading the forum daily isn't much of a problem either. I'm a posting addict, so active posting is right up my ally of expertise also.

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PostSubject: Re: My Apply Round 2   Sun Oct 12, 2008 3:23 am

Application moved to private forum
Thnx and Good luck !!
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My Apply Round 2
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