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 Here I go(8

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PostSubject: Here I go(8   Mon Nov 17, 2008 9:11 am

Well, I dont really know how to start. so I just begin with my rl life;
My name is Steven im 16 years old and living in Germany-Dortmund. My hobbies are playing handball,
playing Tibia, hanging out with my friends and going to partys as a Teeanger does. I'm currently visiting
the 10th class of a school and after I am done I'm going to study electronic things~
About my character/tibian life;
My character is Xaveinaur currently a 54 ek with pretty skills 75/74 and almost magic level 6. I created this character like 8 moths ago or something but after 4 months I went to iridia for a couple of weeks with some of my reals, some time later they switched to eternia. In my freetime in tibia im working as a Journalist in Division of Honors newspaper - the grimoire; Im interviewing people their about the current situation of eternia and suck other things, so yea I have quite a good eternia knowledge and know a lot about the history of Eternia. I just took like 6 levels in the past days, so im training my skills nowadays, because I consider them as not so good I want to have them. I never had a redskull or other such things on this character just on Iridia but im not playing serious there. As far as I know im not hunted by ~any~ tibia player or a Guild, I just got killed twice in the last days by random pkers, who wanted to earn some money but some dies later they regreted it and some of them died.
I've been in Divine Memoria for 3 months and played there with my closest tibia friends, 2 days ago the leader Parvios, disbanded it and just quitted, cause some unloyal fucks just left without a word and found their own guild and putting it their way, dont mind. Cause I just want you to know me better, I'll tell you a little bit about my closest tibia friends; Puenktchen, Parvios, Maggoz, Gurgur von Gefle, Dragon Scar, Dall divine and some more. Usually im like 3-5h a day online I guess, not quite sure but im playing Tibia active and enjoy it.
Theres to be honest no reason why you should invite me, its up to you. But well im loyal, friendly, helpful and I respect other players - Give me a chance and I promise you wont regret it! Im also agreeing with the guild rules of the guild Rogues and wont break them if I join.
Im looking forward to your answer and hope you enjoyed reading this, yours Xaveinaur-

ps: I tried to make a forum account here but I did not recieve an e-mail or something else thats why I just post as a guest, will fix it as soon as possible, thanks.
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PostSubject: Re: Here I go(8   Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:10 am

Just delete this application, some of your members showed me a cocky attitude cause I tried to get into this guild, thanks
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PostSubject: Re: Here I go(8   Mon Nov 17, 2008 11:14 am

What's wrong mate? Razz
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PostSubject: Re: Here I go(8   Tue Nov 18, 2008 4:01 am

I'm sorry for that Xaveinau..

I would like to talk about that to you ingame..
Your application is nice and I think you would be enrichment for us..

Such a behavior of the members won't happen again..
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PostSubject: Re: Here I go(8   

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Here I go(8
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