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 Master Prophet's Application

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Master Prophet

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PostSubject: Master Prophet's Application   Tue Aug 26, 2008 11:30 am

- Tell us something about your real life: name, age, hobbies, occupation, etc..
So, my name is Ingo i live in The Netherlands, I'm 15 years old, My hobbies are going out with friends and football, I'm working in a supermarket irl, filling the courses tongue

Tibia information:
- Character name, vocation, level and relative skills
My character name is Master Prophet, it's a MS, level 38 with magic level 45
- Do you have a red skull or ever had it? if so tell us the reasons
Never had any
- Are you hunted by any player or a guild?
No, i'm honest Smile
- Have you ever been in a guild before? if so, name it and tell us why did you leave it
Never been in any guild since this char isn't old
- How much time are you usually online in Tibia?
Mostly every day about 2/3 hours
- Tell us why we should invite you into Rogues
Since my rl friend Armin druid is in your guild, and the guild seems like a good guild, since i know some more players and i hope i can spend a great time with you guys

I hope i'm going to be invited and else goodluck with the guild.

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Khon Theran
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Khon Theran

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PostSubject: Re: Master Prophet's Application   Tue Aug 26, 2008 1:23 pm

Application moved to the private forum for votting.
Thank you.
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Master Prophet's Application
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